My Very Own Fairy

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184 pages

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Did you know that you have a fairy of your very own? You have probably forgotten your fairy or (if you are very young) haven’t met your fairy yet, but five sisters were fortunate enough to meet their very own fairies and to have amazing adventures with them.

As you follow the story, each sister meets her fairy at a different time. What fun the sisters and fairies have together! It takes a great deal of patience to wait until each sister is old enough to meet her fairy, but finally, even the youngest has a fairy of her own to play with.


About Megan Dargan

I was born in Santa Barbara in 1950. My father taught mathematics at UCSB, and my mother occasionally taught English classes. I have one brother, born in 1952. I grew up in Santa Barbara, for the most part, with my summers and holidays spent in Phoenix, Arizona, with my mother’s family. My father’s family lived in the Los Angeles area.

My father had sabbatical leave the year I was 5, which we spent in New Jersey, and the year I was 12, which we spent in Cambridge, England. From an early age, I was attracted to science, especially biology, and originally planned on being a doctor or a veterinarian when I grew up.



When Robyn woke up that morning, even before she opened her eyes, she knew it was going to be a special day. It wasn’t anybody’s birthday (hers had been last month), and it wasn’t a holiday, like Christmas or Easter. It wasn’t even a day with something special planned, like a trip to the zoo. In fact, when she had gone to bed the night before, she had not known that today was going to be a special day. But she knew it now.

She stretched out both legs and arms and gave a big yawn. A teeny-tiny voice said, “It’s about time you woke up.”


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